The innovators

The team

Art Muijsenberg

Art is an assertive and creative person who enjoys organising activities and events. Specifically, he is responsible for external relations, consumer research, nutrition claims & regulations, creating visual content, and streamlining the innovative process.

Bernadette Conrads

Bernadette is the most organized of the group. It is therefore her job to keep the guys in check. Bernadette is responsible for consumer research, finance and spamming social media.

Joep van den Broek

Joep, joyful and a bit chaotic, but as is the rest, a pleasure to work with. Likes to watch the Springbokken play a game of rugby. Together with Daniël mainly responsible for the recipes and the product development.

Daniël van den Brand

Daniël is our stubborn and creative product developer who likes to stir stuff up. Daniël, together with Joep is responsible for the technical challenges and the recipes involved in the products we produce.