New product launch: Bitez – Biltong flavoured!

Bitez – Biltong flavoured is a tasty and healthy alternative to conventional potato crisps. These delicious Crisps made from mushrooms have a great savoury flavour profile. It has the slightly sweet and citrusy flavour of coriander seed and a slightly spiced flavour from the smoked paprika.

Additionally, Bitez consists primarily of sustainably and locally cultivated mushrooms that are normally not used as food because of their odd shapes. Our supplier uses all of the other mushroom side streams that are not food safe to heat their mushroom farm.

Bitez – Biltong flavoured is produced using a novel technique. Because of this, the product is not fried in oil, like conventional potato crisps. The major advantage of our technique is that it results in a crispy snack without all the fat. Bitez – Biltong flavoured is thus an ideal guilt-free pleasure!

Traditional South African Flavour, Modern Ecological Footprint!

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